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I say that I don’t care where I go or what I do, as long as I can take pictures of it. And this is what makes me different from other photographers you’ll hire – I’m obsessive about documenting what happened and sharing what I saw with you.

As a San Francisco editorial photographer with over 10 years’ experience, I bring a passion and a curiosity of the world to every client I work with. I specialize in documenting events and occasions for businesses, schools, and nonprofits, showcasing the people and the work behind the mission.

I’m excited about collaborating with great organizations and individuals.

About Me

I love dogs, cold weather, local history, and those vegan Persian lime tartlets they sell at the Haight Street Market. I’m terrified of muppets and I used to play the violin. I am secretly addicted to Ladies of London.

For booking and inquiries, please contact me at any time using the link at top, or leave a comment below.

– Schmoo


- Event photography

- Creative portraiture

- Photojournalism and editorial coverage

- Product and environmental photography


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