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Hello and welcome!

My worst real-life nightmare is developing amnesia when I'm old and not being able to remember all the little details I've lived. Hence the once-a-day photo project was born.

In the past I've made rules for myself, to help prevent distractions and stay on track. They ranged from things like "must include at least a portion of myself" (attempting to help get over my aversion to self-portraits) to "can be backdated, metadata permitting" (allowing for travel or really rough nights), but the main point of it is this: Record life, the good, the bad, the challenges, the lessons, and all the great, beautiful things that happen each day. No matter how small.

If you're interested in doing your own daily photo journal – or if you already have one – I'd love to see it. Feel free to comment on any of the pictures, or drop me a note using the Contact link above.

Thank you for stopping in!

~ Schmoo

Past projects:

2008 - our last year in Baltimore

2009 - welcome to California

2010 - Chernobyl, travel nirvana

2011 - the year I tried to keep up