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(or: Things I hear a lot)

What camera do you use?

My main squeeze is a Canon 5D Mark II but I found a love for film because of the slower pace and beautiful, soft colors. Taking up space on my shelves are several fun plastic cameras, a Former Soviet Union rangefinder (FED-2), a standard film SLR (Olympus-OM1) a gorgeous Hasselblad 501C and a beautiful, trusty Rolleiflex 2.8E.

How did you turn your film photos into magical digital pixels?

Shoot, develop and scan. I don't do my own film processing but I do do (heh) my own negative scanning. Some of the older film pics on my site were scanned by the developing lab I used at the time.

Do you sell your photos?

Yes! Look for a blue "Add to Cart" button over the pics and click it to see my pricing. If you don't see it, it's probably because I have photos of my friends in that gallery and I feel a bit weird selling them to the public. Even so, you can always right-click and snag a copy to keep or share.

Would you take pictures at my event?

That sounds cool! Send me your details using the Contact form at left and let's chat. I've got good rates and I don't bite.

I need help with SmugMug!

You'll get a super fast reply if you ping the amazing Support Heroes. They totally kick my butt in dishing out awesome assistance in record time.

My Rolleiflex:

Hey, you work at SmugMug. What cool new stuff is coming?

Unfortunately, I can't say any more than we do on the news blog, so check it out.

Do you have any advice about cameras or photography?

Sure, doesn't everyone? You'll find everything you need by shootin' the poo (not literally) on Digital Grin. But I don't charge a penny to get up on my soapbox...

How'd you get that shot of _____ ?

Serendipity. And post-processing. Unless it's film in which case it came out of the camera like that.

You seem discombobulated.

I think I was a chipmunk in a past life.