Korea - Schmootography
I have never been to Korea until my parents asked if I could come with them to witness the ceremony and re-burial of my grandfather at the national cemetery. Of course I said yes, and before I knew it I was on a 12 hour plane ride across the Pacific Ocean. 

Korea is a beautiful country, one full of paradoxes and kindness and delicious food and confusing mannerisms. But I had some of the most deeply profound experiences realizing things about myself, my childhood, my culture, and discovering just when, what and from where my parents came. 

Korea is one of the few western cultures in which history creeps closer to the present than most, where things remained unchanged until less than a generation ago. Because of this, you can still see, touch and hear echoes of the old country, the one where people still rode horses into the courtyard and silk was wound one turn of the loom at a time. Men still hold audiences over cups of tea in the living room alongside the world's leading businessmen and bankers.
This wasn't the experience I expected at all, and that is one of the most valuable aspects of visiting this incredible place.


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